1. worthlessfuckholes:

    Keep your hand on your cunt. feel how wet you get when I open you up like this, use you like this, feel your eyes roll back, feel everything get distant till your whole world is your aching ass, your disgust and adoration, your empty, desperate cunt. 

    before long you’ll do anything to fill it. Anything I ask.

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  2. sh7774:

    Ohh how I wish you were here…

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  3. obey-sir:


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  4. subgirlygirl:

    I’m glad you’re home, Sir.

    May I?

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  5. gingerbanks:

    Yoga pants for you naughty boys!

    Send me an ask if you want to see me on cam :)

  7. cumaddictedd:

    fuck my mouth, please.please?

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  10. lots-of-fucking:


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